Enrollment Form 2016-17

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Page 1:





Dancer's Name__________________________________________________________________________________________

Date of Birth______________________________________Grade in Fall___________________________________________


Address(es) ___________________________________________________________________________________________




Parent/Guardian ________________________________________________________________________________________
(If under 18 years of age)


Phone #’s ___________________________________________________Dancer's Cell#______________________________


Email address(es) _____________________________________________Dancer's email_____________________________


Dance Interests ________________________________________________________________________________________


Previous/Current dance training ___________________________________________________________________________



Comments/Trial class scheduled __________________________________________________________________________






How did you hear about us? _______________________________________________________________________________


Medical conditions, medications or restrictions ________________________________________________________________


(All information will be held confidential)


Emergency Contact/Phone #’s ____________________________________________________________________________


I, the above-named dancer, or the parent or guardian of the above-named dancer, understand that Dance is a hazardous

activity from which all risk of injury cannot be eliminated. I consent to the above-named dancer’s participation in The Ballet

& Dance Center’s activities and I assume the risks incidental to the participation in such activities.


Signature of adult dancer/parent/guardian:





Page 2:






Dancer's Name________________________________________________________________________________________


Please enroll me for the following class(es):


Class Name & Level/Day/Time Class Name & Level/Day/Time
1._________________________________________ 6._________________________________________
2._________________________________________ 7._________________________________________
3._________________________________________ 8._________________________________________
4._________________________________________ 9._________________________________________
5._________________________________________ 10.________________________________________



Classes per week

Annual Tuition

Pay in 8 Installments
Sept 1st - April 1st

Classes per

Pay in 8
Sept 1st -April 1st

1/2 Hour Class $200 $25.00 Five Classes $1,575 $197.00
One Class $400 $50.00 Six Classes $1,750 $218.75
One +1/2 Hour $600 $75.00 Seven Classes $1,900 $237.50
Two Classes $800 $100.00 Eight Classes $2,025 $253.00
Three Classes $1,100 $137.50 Nine Classes $2,125 $266.00
Four Classes $1,350 $168.75 10 Classes or more No additional due No additional due



Annual Payment Plan - due by Sept 1st  
Total number of classes per week _______________
Total annual tuition _______________
Less advance payment, 5% (maximum $50) _______________
Less family discount, 5% (maximum $50) _______________
Plus enrollment fee (non-refundable)                     + 15.00
Total due at time of enrollment _______________
Installment Payment Plan  
Total number of classes per week _______________
Total annual tuition _______________
Pay in 8 installments of _______________
Less family discount, 5% (maximum annual $50) _______________
Plus enrollment fee (non-refundable)                     + 15.00
Total due at time of enrollment _______________
#____ more installments due of  _______________


I agree to be responsible for all the tuition installments of the above mentioned student. I understand that enrollment is for the entire 2011/2012 dance year and that I will pay all tuition associated with that year. I must give The Ballet & Dance Center two months notice of withdrawal and I am liable for the tuition due for that two month period.






Discounts & Fees
- For each additional family member who enrolls a 5% discount in tuition will be given (maximum $50).
- If annual tuition is paid in full at the time of enrollment, a 5% discount will be given (maximum $50).
- A non-refundable $15.00 fee per family is due at the time of enrollment.
- A $25.00 fee will be charged for all returned checks.
- A 5% late payment fee will be charged on all payments received after 5 days of the due dates stated in our calendar,

Business Policies
When enrolling you are committing to the entire dance year and all tuition associated with that year. A two month written notice is required if a dancer wishes to withdraw from a class and the responsible party will be liable for the tuition due for that two month period.

Tuition refunds will only be given for medical reasons. In order to receive a refund a physician’s letter must be presented stating the student’s inability to participate in dance class due to a medical issue.

Missed classes, due to illness or an emergency, may be made up during the current dance year. Dancers should check with their instructor to see which class would be an appropriate make up class for them. No refunds or discounts are given for missed classes.

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